Questions to ask to build connection: 

  • Hi Sue! I absolutely love your work and seeing all your success on your page!  You are so good at what you do. How long have you been in this industry? 


Once form connection some more: 

  • How do you choose your brand partnerships? 

  • Who is responsible for implementation of your brand partnerships? 


Answer back : reiterate what they said. “So what I’m understanding is you chose your brand partnerships based on (quality, what your clientele loves, trend).


I would love to (connect some more or drop off a sample to you) because I’ve been using a high potency collagen elixir  during a trial for the last (insert days used) and my results have been incredible. 


Then share your story - 

Example: Before this elixir, I had dark spots and unevenness in my skin tone, lines and dark circles under my eyes that Botox couldn’t even fix, hair loss in clumps after having my babies, cellulite that no matter how hard I worked out just wouldn’t go away... Like a lot of people I spent lots of money on things that didn’t work long term and now, just in 2 months, my lines and dark circles are vanishing. I have the most even skin tone and this natural glow that makes me feel so confident at 40 with no makeup. My cellulite is starting to smooth out and my hair is growing!  It’s been such a game changer for me and I’m so happy I finally found something that’s reducing the signs of aging the natural way, from the inside out. 


Would you open to taking a look at why businesses and professionals just like you are partnering with our incredible  company? 


There are 3 reasons why: 


  1. We have moved 11 million units since January 8th - it’s absolutely incredible and such a well received product. I’m sure you’re aware of the #1 beauty trend right now called skinimalism. When you google it you’ll see it’s wanting a natural glow for skin along with healthy hair and nails. 

  2. The reason ours is so unique and unlike any other collagen on the market is because ours is sourced from pristine, Scandinavian waters - bottled in .15 seconds in glass bottles. I can’t wait to show you how beautifully branded it is. It’s in glass because it maintains its potency & bioavailability so that’s why we are seeing such incredible results. I’ll send you my before and afters so far. Your jaw will drop like mine did! 

  3. I’m sure you can probably agree that anytime you have implemented products and programs in your office it’s very time consuming, exhausting to train the staff, high overhead and a lot of inventory on the shelf. I’m most excited to show you how I have created a simple 3 step system that is no inventory, no sales quotas, and no hassle for you. 

When is a good time for us to set up a zoom or for me to come by and drop off a sample? 


At appointment or on zoom : 

  • Share 30 second story again of your results with the product. 

  • Show brochure with QR code’s for them to have with a box display 

  • Remind them how this is no extra inventory, no extra training or work for staff - you will help with the implementation process. Just give me 30 days and let’s see how much money we can move for you! 


  • Closing - I can help with the implementation. Are you ready to give your 30 day trial a try? 

  1. Sign them up with QR code 

  2. Convert them to associate 

  3. Make recommended carts for office and send them their affiliate link. 

  4. Set up brochures for their carts. 


Objections - is this MLM? 


This would be nothing different than a brand partnership or affiliate program with a link to share across social media platforms and move money into the practice with no extra inventory or time spent training. 

Remind them about community on FB to help support their clients