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Examples of Reach Out Messages to send to your friends, family, co-workers (Copy and paste text below): 

Text to send if you have not posted on Social Media yet: 

Hi Sue! I hope you’re doing well!  Have you heard about this new Collagen Elixir that came out earlier this year?  My friend has been using it and her results are insane.  I’m going to give it a try and wanted to see if you wanted to try it with me!  Are you using a collagen supplement currently? This is a liquid, type 1 and it’s marine so it’s the best source for all things anti-aging, skin and hair growth too!  Do you want to learn more and see if it’s something that you would be interested in? It would be fun to compare results together! 

(wait for reply) 

Great! I’ll put you in a group message with my friend who is helping me with getting started. She can answer any questions you have!  They also have a VIP group on Facebook and we can add you to that to see some of the results from this product.  They are really incredible! I’ll start the group text now. So excited! 

Text to send if you have posted on Social Media: 

Hi Sue! Hope you’re doing well girl!! I wanted to see if you had any questions about our collagen elixir that I’ve been posting a lot about. I never proactively message about products I use but this one is incredible. And I know if my friends knew about something like this and didn’t tell me...I would not be happy! Lol. But seriously, this is an absolute game changer for us women and there is nothing like it in the beauty industry.


Would you like me to add you to our VIP group so you can learn more?  I know you love to take care of your skin just like I do and this is literally nutrition for our skin and nourishing us from the inside out as we fight the signs of aging. It’s liquid, marine type 1 collagen...amazing!  We raffle off free boxes each month so it’s a no brainer to check the VIP group out. What do you think?


IMPORTANT REMINDER: Once someone replies they would like to learn more, start the 3 way message with them, you and your coach.  Let your coach be the expert until you are comfortable sharing on your own! 

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