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Current customer asking for referral: 

Hey Lindsay!!   How are you?  Hope you’re doing great!!  I was wondering if you’d be open to doing me a favor please!  I’m running for a special bonus with my business and I’m so excited about it.  It would help my family so much to have some extra money for the holidays! 


If you share Collagen with just two people, it not only helps me but it would help you too - win/win!  I have a quick text and a few pics you can send to as many people as you think who would love the collagen. If they end up buying, I will enroll them under you and you would get your next months supply of collagen for just $4 or you can use the $200 for whatever you would like!  Anyway, no pressure at all if you don’t want to but thought I would ask because you’ve always been so awesome with your support and cheering me on.  I can send you the text to send out to some friends and family.  Are you open to helping me out? I would be so grateful. 💗


(They reply Yes)


Okay first save these pics to your phone quick and easy to even just create an album called collagen if you want. Then you can just hit select and send after you copy and paste each text!  I use my notes to paste the text if that's easier too. 


(Send pics from your collagen before and after album or use ones from new customer message)


Then you can just copy and paste this text! Once someone is interested in learning more, just start a group text and I’ll take over. No extra work on your part at all! 


(send this message separately so they can copy and paste it easily) 


Hey ______! 

My friend Kristin just introduced me to this new collagen elixir that she has had amazing results with.  Check out these pictures! I recently started and am loving my results so far. 


I can definitely fill you in on how it works if you are intrigued. It’s different than all the powders out there with its potency and absorption…that’s why the results are so incredible! 


Any interest in doing it with me? There is a 30-day money-back guarantee so no risk.   Would you like more info? 


Current customers with downline: 


Hey hey Julie! Hope you’re doing fantastic here. Been a hot minute. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up as I was taking a look at your account and you have 320 people in your Isagenix sales team already building wealth in your organization and you can start getting paid pretty significantly already.


So I’m curious how your health & business goals are going? Are you open to catching up and seeing how we can work together on this especially with what we’re doing for plug & play in medspas for the collagen elixir?

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