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It is so important to take your before pictures and progress pictures throughout your Collagen Elixir journey.  You will feel some changes in the softness of your skin and notice more hydration, but you will not see the significant changes in skin tone, less wrinkles, less dark circles, cellulite, or hair growth unless you take and compare pictures.  ​

Follow the guideline above for taking your pictures so you can see the results you’re experiencing from this incredible product.  

Progress pictures are just as important.  Make sure you take them each week or every 15 days.  And remember, optimal results are at 120 days!!  You may have a significant amount of collagen loss over the years and this is science.  You can’t drink the bottle for one week and expect massive changes. It will take some time but trust the process and you will be blown away by the changes you will see!  


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