Text to send a prospect before your first call with goals survey and video: 

Before we chat, here’s a quick survey to fill out so I know your specific goals and what to recommend. There is also a short video to watch.  Looking forward to it!! 

(Insert your google goals survey link here) 


Asking for a referral if someone isn’t interested in getting started: 

I am really passionate about helping as many people as I can feel better because so many are struggling with stress, being tired all the time, and not at their optimal health. Would you mind keeping me in mind for any friends that may be interested? You will notice that the solutions that we have help a lot of the things your friends/family often complain about and I would be so grateful for the referral! 


You have an amazing network at your fingertips and I would love to show you how you can optimize that with residual income when you’re ready to learn more!


Fast track to executive video:


Texts to send prospects if they message me and are ready to learn more:


Hi! I'm so excited you're interested in learning more about the program I've been doing! Let's set up a time to chat quick. I can review all the details and make sure I understand what your goals are so I know what products to recommend for you to start with. A quick phone call is easier than texting back and forth for hours, lol.  What time of day works best for you to chat? 


Awesome! I'll give you a call Wednesday at 8pm. Before we chat, fill out this quick survey and watch the video. This will help me know your specific goals and budget so I know what to recommend...


My first tip is to grab 2 friends to do this with you! Accountability partners make it EASIER, FUN and will earn you MONEY back 

Bc the shakes are amazing but I swear they taste even better FREE!


Thanks again for sharing your goals with me! I’m so excited to set you up for success with this program. I emailed you the 3 pak options and added you to our private Imagine the Possibilities transformation FB Page. Accept the invitation and you can check out more of our teams inspiring transformations.  Can’t wait for you to get started! 


Text to send new associate right after you enroll them:

You're all set up with Isagenix!! Check your email for an important one from me with your log in and other great tips! Look over everything before your package arrives. A few important things to do: 

☑️ Log in and check your tracking and let me know when you should receive your products. We will set up a time to chat before you start.

☑️ Before we chat, download the IsaLife app from your App Store and start to play around with it. It’s a free app and so helpful! 

☑️ Save these pics to an album on your phone. Call it Isagenix so they are easy to find! 

☑️ Accept the invite on FB from me to join our private coaching group. It’s called Declare it, Believe it, Achieve it. 

☑️ Get excited! 

Steps to Save Your Reward Points and Become an Associate:

Hi! log into your account: top right click member log in. Username is firstnamelastname (no space) Password is Healthy1! 

Then on the bottom left click Become an Associate. Follow the steps and please text me once you’re done.


Texts to send associates Before Welcome call: 

Before we chat, take a look at our website, under the new cleanser tab. Print out the shake and cleanse day schedules and have those as well as the “Say Hello to Health” brochure that came in your box. If possible, watch the 3 short videos and listen to the recording in the email I sent you as well. These will all help answer a lot of questions you may have and then I'll answer any others!


Before Autoship call: 

Hi! How's it going with isa? Your autoship is set to go out next week. Let's set up a time to chat so Can you chat on ? Make sure you have your computer when we chat! 


Hi Lauren! Still good to have your autoship call tonight at 7:30pm? We will review your progress, future goals and I can show you how to save the most money


Asking to post:


Day 8: “What are your results?!? If I wrote something up for you would you feel comfortable posting on Facebook tonight? I will support you and you can tag me so I am doing this with you all the way.”


Facebook verbiage: 


After watching my friend Angela go from a size 12 to a size 4 … I decided to give her nutritional cleansing system a try. I am so excited that while most people are packing on the pounds I just lost 7!


Notes to remind new posters: 

Don’t mention Isagenix

Don’t answer questions publically: respond “I will PM you.”



Since you're loving the program and already experiencing great results, (weight loss, inches loss and increased energy) would you be open to posting about having accountability partners join you on this journey if I helped you write it?


So when you post: tag me in it and make sure you go to your settings and make it PUBLIC so our teammates can like, comment and support you.



First post: 

I' m so excited!! I'm starting a new health and wellness journey! I've watched a good friend change her life on FB and I can't wait to change mine too! As Memorial Day is getting closer, if anyone is interested in getting healthy with me, please reach out. I would love some accountability partners as I start this new journey! #letsgethealthytogether 




After watching my friend Angela go from a size 12 to a size 4 … I decided to give her nutritional cleansing system a try. I am so excited that while most people are packing on the pounds I just lost 7!


What to message someone if they say they want to learn more:" I’m still kinda new, let me grab my friend Sue and she can explain it better than me. When can we hop on a quick call?"


Then when people comment on your post like each comment and thank them. If people ask what you’re doing tell them you’ll PM them about it. Then set up a 3 way group message with me and write...


Second post: 

So glad I invested in myself and have decided to make my health a priority! This new journey has already been so much fun and I love that some of my friends are jumping in with me. Accountability with those you care about is what it's all about!!   If anyone else is looking for a change this spring and summer, reach out. We would love to have you join us! 


3 Way Message Initial Response:

Hey (friend)! I’m so excited you’re curious about the program I’m doing! I’ve copied in my friend/coach Sue. There have been some updates in the products since I did it. There are a number of options based on your goals. She can help guide you.

And I can definitely give you info based on what I do know and my experiences!!


3 Way Message Coach Response:

Hi Rachael, I’m Debbie’s coach and I'm so excited you're interested in learning more about the nutritional cleansing program! 

Let's set up a time for us all to chat quick. I can review all the details and make sure I understand what your goals are so I know what products to recommend for you to start with. A quick phone call is easier than texting back and forth for hours, lol.  Are weekday evenings or weekend mornings easier for you?


Text to send if you are copied as a coach for new person starting to share on messenger to set the appt:

Hi Maria! As Lauren mentioned, I'm her coach and have been doing this program for 3 years now.  it's changed my life! The best thing would be for us to jump on a quick call to explain it all and also suggest what products would be best for you to achieve your goals. It's much easier to chat briefly than to text back and forth for hours. When is the best time of day for you to chat over the next couple of days?


Coaching Texts: 

Day 1: 

Happy 1st Shake Day! What flavor did you kick it off with? 


Sending support your way! What are you liking best about the products and schedule so far?


Hi!! How's it going so far with isa?! 


Don’t forget, I can help you earn back most of your initial investment. Who’s been curious about the nutrition so far? 


1st cleanse day text: 

Hi! How are you feeling so far?! Are you drinking tons of water?! 


Cleanse day tip to text: 

Just as a reminder, check the picture I sent you about options available for you to do on a cleanse day. I always love doing the energy shot or extra ionix! 


When enroll someone for first time: 

Hi Krissy! This is Kristin Jenkins from Isagenix.  I wanted to reach out and congratulate you on your first enrollment. It's so much fun to share the love we have for these products. You have a great coach with Lisa and know you can always reach out to me with any questions or support as well!! Have an awesome weekend! 


Email to send if copied as coach for new associate from teammate: 


Welcome Amy!!  I am so happy that you have joined the Isagenix Lifestyle. I can't wait for you to start feeling what this lifestyle provides. Kristin is a great coach! I am here if you ever need anything as well. It is my obligation to let you know about the financial opportunity with Isagenix. There are some huge time sensitive bonuses you can take advantage of in your first 6 months. Your friends and family will notice a difference in you, and when they do, you have 3  options on how you want to get them started.  

1) You can refer them to Kristin. She would love to help them get started and feeling amazing. She is grateful for the referrals but only she benefits from them, not you. 

2) Kristin and I can help you to share this lifestyle in the pockets of your life which you will make some great money doing and can basically eat for free!  

3) You decide you are loving it and want to share more often with others and make some financial dreams come true! 

Please watch this very short video on the opportunity. It might change your life as it has changed ours... we know the products will!


Best of luck with your first 30 days!! Can't wait for you to crush your goals!!  


Healthy and Happy,




Text to send new rank advancement or enrollment: 

Hi Lynn! This is Kristin Jenkins from Isagenix. I wanted to congratulate on achieving your advancement to Consultant. This is the most exciting and important rank advancement because you’re now helping others feel as good as you are. Keep sharing the love! I’m here as an additional support to Joy and Lisa. They are great coaches but if you ever need anything, please reach out. Cheers to great health and wealth!! 

If you have questions about Isagenix or want to get started please get in touch with the person who shared this with you.

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