Vision Casting


Why did you first get started with Isagenix? What excites you most about your future, and what potential do you see partnered with this company as a customer?

Dreaming and seeing a great vision for your life and those you care about is so powerful. 

Everyone deserves this!  The next steps are essential for business builders, and if you’re just getting started as a customer and want to see more about this opportunity, follow these tools and work with your sponsor.


Create and grow your belief in you, in network marketing as a vehicle, in the nutritional food, science and financial products, in our community and in Isagenix as a legacy company.  The reasons you originally wanted to make a change and your reasons for sticking with it now are vital.  We all are more successful creating healthier habits long-term and overcoming challenges when our purpose is in front of us.

Ask “Why is it important to me that I _________ (insert goal)”?

If your reasons have changed over time, or you are not clear, ask yourself 7-times to discover YOUR deep WHY. 

Example 7-step discovery: See STEP 1


Written goals are more likely to be achieved.  Place your written goals in visible places – your office, your kitchen, your car, your phone wallpaper, etc.

Fill in:

MY GOALS on ___________ (today’s date)

By January 2019, I want to achieve: ­­­­­­­_________________

My current recognition rank is: _____________________

My recognition rank will be _______________ by January 2019.

I have ___________ Personally Enrolled Consultant(s).

I will have _____________ Personally Enrolled Consultants by January 2019.

My weekly Isagenix income is: $______________

My weekly income with Isagenix will be $________________ by January 2019.

I currently have __________ Personally Enrolled Executives(s).

I will have __________ Personally Enrolled Executives(s) by January 2019.

When I achieve my goal by January 2019, I will feel ____________ and celebrate by _____________.


Consultant = 0-1 Personally Enrolled Consultants

Manger = 2-5 Personally Enrolled Consultants

Director = 6-9 Personally Enrolled Consultants

Executive = 10+ Personally Enrolled Consultants


Check your Isagenix Account ( to see your Crystal Rank Advancement Deadlines.


See where you are now and IMAGINE being where you want to be in the next 3, 6, 12 months, 3 years.  What does that ideal life include?

Samples questions to ask yourself:


How is your Isagenix business going to change your life over the next six months?


What do you do for a living now? Do you enjoy your work?


What would your ideal life look like if you could design it?


How much money do you think you’ll need to achieve that ideal life?




Every one of you as a customer has the opportunity to earn compensation!  The best way to understand what is available to you is to be well-versed on the compensation opportunity and how simple and unparalleled it is to other opportunities.

a. Print and read the Compensation Plan.  Review again.  Review as often as you need to understand terms and be able to share this with others.   Compensation plan HERE


b. WATCH this compensation video!  


c. Review with your sponsor or a team leader how to use the various ways to get paid (detailed in the PDF and video above) to meet your specific financial goals.  i.e. Share with 3 people and enroll them on Value Paks in the same commission week and earn cash for 3 referrals (double PIB’s) = $600)




If you’re new to building your business, sharing casually as a customer, or committed to growing your business with Isagenix for a long time, you deserve to dream big!  We recommend using a dream session to re-evauate your milestones and visions every 4 to 6 months to keep them relevant.  Dream sessions will also allow those you share with to dream big!

REAL TEAM TESTIMONIALS!   There are so many families living a better life - connect and talk with teammates to see and hear firsthand.


Dream Session sample questions:

What income would substantially make a difference to you in the next 6 months?

What income would substantially make a difference to you in the next 3-5 years?

What are the areas of your personal life that matter to you?  What are your personal goals?  (i.e. time alone for a mani/pedi; housekeeper; time to read or join a book club; a new designer handbag; fitness classes 3/week; taking a weekend trip; etc.)

What are your family goals?  (i.e. trip to Disney with the kids; private school tuition; addition to the house for a family room; being able to attend more of our kids’ sports activities; helping a family member with debt; etc.)

What are your marriage goals? (i.e. date night once a week; less bickering over bills; going to church together; being more supportive in our separate interests; being able to build a business together; traveling together)

Write your dream session on a whiteboard!  Keep it visible.

Use your dreams to create a vision board.  Tips: Host a vision board party with your team!  Or schedule a fun family night to do the vision board with your spouse, kids, etc.


Additional videos to watch & share!

Trudy Maples dream session: VIDEO HERE

Laura Stevens podcast for business builders: VIDEO HERE

If you have questions about Isagenix or want to get started please get in touch with the person who shared this with you.

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