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Tools: Products & Health

The health solutions are the foundation of the Isagenix company, assisting customers globally every day in regaining better control of their health goals, improved nutrition and fighting a toxic environment!  This page is not intended to duplicate or replace ALL of the amazing resources and educational websites Isagenix already has available for us, it just leads you to the highlights and a few key product information items you'll want to understand and be able to share with your teams.



This starter bundled system remains the most commonly ordered and most successful starter kit for customers, with over 95% of people ordering to start their journey and trial products.  Yes, you can and want to provide options that best fit your prospect's needs, goals and budget (talk to your sponsor initially about lining up other paks), but leading with this pak gives your customers more successful foundation and more motivation to keep going!



  • You do not need nor do you want to be the expert on every health challenge or product.  Rather, be a phenomenal MESSENGER TO THE RESOURCES available!  And show others how simple it is to DUPLICATE being a messenger!

  • Send prospects articles on specific concerns from  (i.e, Sugars; nutrition for kids; ingredients; etc.) . Every ingredient and topic has been addressed by our amazing healthcare professional and scientific team!

  • Allow customers to also search for or the FB group "Isagenix Official Health & Wellness" group.


Fourth list item. Add your own content here or connect to data from your collection.

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