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Tools: Social Media

Start here!  Whether you're comfortable posting for your personal reasons or other businesses, or if you're brand new to sharing on social media, these simple guidelines are best practices and easy to follow.


  • The idea is to BE YOU and always be authentic and genuine!

  • Consistency is key!

  • Engaging in online communities and creating engagement on your posts and comments are more authentic ways to meet new people and build your viewing audience.

  • Create curiosity!  The majority of your posts should be about your, your lifestyle, your passions, your family.  The promotion of the income and the health products can be naturally woven into your posts, but not at the forefront.  Not using the brand in every post also allows for people to ask about it, at which time you comment and take the conversation offline.

  • Model posts after leaders and your sponsor.   


  • KNOW that social media is constantly evolving.  It's OK!   Our team and Isagenix train on best strategies and major updates as they happen.



Facebook remains the largest social media platform in the world.  Algorithms define most of your visibility although you have a great trusted network of friends and community already and can continue to meet new people on your personal profile, your company page or community groups.

  • Use photos and videos for higher visibility!

  • STRATEGY - Social Media 10 - 4 - 1 System

    • 10 of your posts should be about topics that interest YOU and would interest YOUR business partners and cleansers. They should not be about Isagenix. (make these posts about your day, motivation, inspiration, life, fun, happy, etc.)

    • 4 of your posts are directly about Isagenix. But in order to create more curiosity, we tend NOT to mention the name Isagenix frequently, instead we use the term “Nutritional Cleansing” or "our company" (make these posts about transformation before/after, business testimonials, product testimonials, cleansing, e+shots, etc.) 

    • We are proud of our company and want others to know it's unique, so you do want to sometimes use the brand and hastags #WeAreIsagenix or #PathWithPurpose

    • Addtional content ideas can be found in the Isagenix app "IsaTools To Go".

    • 1 of your posts is your POWER POST (8pm Sunday night is the recommended time) This post is designed to draw the most attention to what you are building. 

  • CONTENT - Use themes​

    • A good way to keep up with the number of posts is to develop themes for each day.

    • Your themes can be YOUR choice, and remember, they should be targeted towards your IDEAL prospect.




Suggested themes by the day:

Monday - Motivation Monday

Tuesday - Transformation Tuesday

Wednesday - Wellness Wednesday (typically a good recipe, health fact, etc.)

Thursday - Transformation Thursday

Friday - Freedom Friday (physical or financial)

Saturday - Family Time (showcase your family and what matters most to you)

Sunday - Family Time (end the day with your POWER POST)


Those examples are not strict guidelines, but more so an idea of what many people do.

Not every post has to be aligned with what you choose the theme to be.

  • Once you start getting interest on your posts and people want to learn more, you will implement the ADD, TAG, MESSAGE method.



Instagram is about using images and hashtags to engage with and meet new followers.

  • What's your brand?

    • ​Ask yourself who am I?  What do I stand for?  What do I love?  What am I passionate about?  What is my brand as an individual? 

    • Your instagram content should show this to the world through your pictures and content.  Spend time answering these questions to help you decide what your social media presence should be.

  • Content

    • Be creative with your content.  Don't post dull or stock photos. Post brighter, personal and appealing photos.  Use clear pictures. 

    • Get creative with apps like: 

      • Picsart

      • Wordswag

      • Photocandy 

      • Rhonna

    • Editing - Snapseed by Google 

  • Consistency

    • Consistency is key when you are growing an IG following. 

    • Maintain a post a day generally.  With standards evolving, GOOGLE current recommendations to stay in the loop.

    • IG Stories are key!  Keep more activity AND ask questions, do POLLS in your Stories.

    • You are branding yourself and your lifestyle on IG (not a product per se), your photos should be 90% you, 10% product and opportunity posts.

  •  Hashtag

    • All posts on IG should be accompanied by hashtags.  This is a way to connect with people all over the globe through the use of the same words and key phrases.

    • Use the app "Tagomatic".  It helps to auto-populate a list of words that are trending on IG to help attract more people to your photos.

    • Generally, aim to use Hashtags that have between 10,000 to 50,000 followers.

    • Use 30 hashtags - sweet spot.

  • Connect with the world around you

    • Grow followers by following local businesses in your area.  Then follow all the people who follow that business.  This will enable you to start to connect with people who live near you. 

    • You should aim to connect with at least 200 people per day.



LinkedIN remains a primary source for connecting with like businesses and people looking for new careers/jobs/opportunities.

  • Aim to connect with 5 new people a day on LinkedIn.

  • Post articles of interest, send private messages on work anniversaries, etc. to build relationships.

  • Everything you need to know on how to connect on Linked In and a script to follow for your first call - CLICK HERE 


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