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Step 1: Say, Share, Connect

This is simple and it duplicates easily for all customers!

Anyone can live the Isa-lifestyle and create natural curiosity.   Every customer with Isagenix also has the benefit of receiving cash back for referring others to their own Isagenix solutions – how awesome is that? 

Follow these 10 steps to get started…



This is a gift – imagine the feeling when you help two people feel their best, and Isagenix rewards you with a CASH referral bonus!  Here are 3 simple ways to let others know there are solutions for them too:

1. Message a few

We all have friends, family, coworkers, neighbors who come to mind - send one of the short messages below to let them know you have solutions.  

This great MEMORY JOGGER can help.

Sample 1:

“I saw that you are (frustrated with your job, starting to eat healthier, going to the gym again, any aspect that they’ve shared on social media or with you in person…). Can I ask you a few questions to see if I can help?”

Sample 2:

“I just got started on a new healthy lifestyle/ side business and already seeing and feeling results!  I would love for you to experience these benefits too.  Are you open to learning about it?”

2. Post on social media

Sample 1:

“I just got started on a new healthy lifestyle/ side business and already seeing and feeling results!  Who’s ready to join me?”

Isagenix provides some template messages and social media posts HERE

3. Be a product of the product! 

Simply use your Isagenix shaker cups, Cleanse for life bottles, Isadelights, bars and whey thins in public.  Take them with you to the gym, to your children’s sports games/ activities, to business meetings and to social gatherings with friends and neighbors.


Awesome… you have a few people interested in learning more!  This is not the time to pour out your whole experience or every fact about the products you’ve learned so far.  People are curious simply to consider if they might be ready to try a change.  The next steps include your simple story, A-T-M, and goals - these allow you to share the best information with them in a credible way.

4. Be Prepared with your short story

Isagenix provides an excellent template to use to share your story the right way! HERE

A-T-M (Add, Tag, Message)

5. ADD

Visuals and testimonials lend credibility and allow people to find and resonate with others who have similar challenges, stories and goals.   Add all of your curious prospects after they've expressed interest in learning more to the team’s prospect FB page.  

The Facebook group is “Imagine the Possibilities”.

6. TAG

Select a transformation story on “Imagine the Possibilities” page, and comment tagging your curious prospect.

Comment Message:

“_____________ (tagged friend), here is a great transformation - check out these team stories!”


This includes introductions and videos. Send this message as a 3-way message to your curious friend/family member/prospect + your enrolling sponsor.    Once you know a few people on the team, utilize other team members who are willing to help and share a similar story/goal with your prospect. ( i.e. a marathon runner benefits from hearing from other athletes or a vegan from another vegan, etc.)   Remember, this is a team effort and lends major credibility regardless if you're just starting to share or have been sharing for years!

“Hi ____________ (name), I’m excited you want to learn more and put your health first!  I tagged you on our private team FB page with many people’s transformations and a few key videos. I’ve included my teammate, ______________ (teammate’s name), on this message to help!”

Allow for your sponsor or teammate to reply to the group message.  They’ll share their story! 

TIP: Voice messages through FB Messenger or Text are extra effective!

Send videos for information.

Isagenix provides the most up-to-date video resources here on IsaMovie

This provides valuable information up front, saving you time and is extremely easy to duplicate! 

8. Schedule a Meeting & Send Goals Questions

Set up a time to talk (this will be a 3-way call with your sponsor and prospect initially).


Here are 2 sample messages:

"Hi ___________ (name), hope you got the voice memo!  I'm honored to share a few recommendations based on your goals, and it will be easier over the phone. I’m available _____ (option 1) or ________ (option 2).  When is a good time for you to chat briefly?”

"Hi ___________ (name), it's easier to chat than message back & forth. LOL.  What is the best time of day for you to talk?"

If you prefer to use a tool for organization, there are incredible options like Calendly

Confirm a day/time for the phone call, Zoom chat, or in person meeting.


Send the GOALS questions using one of 3 ways…

If you’re new, allow your sponsor to guide you for the initial 10 prospects or so.  Your sponsor will send the goals questions to learn about your prospect’s needs and interest level.  After you're comfortable sharing and have utilized ADD, TAG, MESSAGE above, you will opt to send the goals questions in a separate message using your own Google Form.

a. PREFERRED METHOD: GOOGLE FORM (this is recommended as it easily and professionally allows your curious prospects to see valuable information while answering important questions, AND it creates an organized list of the names and information in excel for you to reference easily!)

- Follow the setup instructions step by step.  OPEN DOCUMENT HERE and PRINT.

- After you print the instructions, CLICK HERE and use the file "Copy of KJ Goals Questions"



And here are a few questions that help... reply back with your responses so I can give you best info and options!

What are your main goals specifically? (Ie, energy, fitness, sleep, weight wellness/gain/loss, convenience, nutrition, etc)

What are your health challenges or risks?

Any allergies?

Why is now the best time for you to prioritize your health?

How much do you drink of:

What are you eating for:
What are your cravings?
Skip meals?

How much do you spend on food/drinks/snacks on AVERAGE a week?

Who are 3 people who come to mind when you think of a wellness lifestyle?

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), how important is making your health a priority?


Whether your prospect is interested in the business, the healthy lifestyle or both, understanding THEIR goals and WHY they want to get started is key.  Connecting and adding value are your next steps.

9. Do the initial Call 

Once you’ve received the GOALS responses, confirm your meeting  - phone call, using zoom or in person.  Qualify for your time and their time!  If someone doesn't take the time to answer the goals questions, that’s a sign of their level of interest.  They may be ready at another time, but in the meantime, focus your energy on prospects who WANT to move forward!

If you’re just getting started, you and your sponsor or a team member will be on the calls.  You have a whole team of people ready to help! Remember, this is a team effort, leveraging experience and time.

Tip: If their goals expose specific needs or questions, you can send an additional video from IsaMovie or article from www.isagenixhealth.net prior to the call.



Review your prospects top goals and challenges. 


Dig deeper on THEIR WHY.

The emotional attachment to their journey is the glue that helps them stay committed when temptations, plateaus, and hurdles happen.

Ask “Why is it important to you that you _________ (insert goal)”?


Ask this 7-times to discover THEIR deep WHY. 


Example: Q- “Why is it important to you to lose 30 pounds?”  A- “I want to feel better.” 

Q- “Why is it important that you feel better?”  A- “So I can be more alert at work and not feel drained on weekends.”

Q- “Why is it important to you that you feel more alert at work and energized on weekends.” A- “Because people in my department are getting laid off, and I’ve done a good job, been there a long time, but it makes me nervous which is eating at my energy on my time off… and I’m going in to finish projects that we couldn’t finish during the week.”

Q- “Why is it important to you that you maintain that level of commitment to the overtime if the stress and nerves are impacting you?”  A- “The job is crucial to us paying for our mortgage, and I’m still 10 years out easily from any thoughts of retirement. Plus, it’s taking a toll on my time at home with my wife and 3 kids.”

Isagenix provides additional scripting options HERE.

10. Present the Paks

The presentation is clear and leading with the Value Pak provides your prospect with the option for getting started for the most success. 


Tip: 95% of customers begin with ordering a Weight Loss Value Pak. Additional paks are available based on goals.

“Based on the goals you’ve shared, there are two paks I would recommend. One breaks down to about $10 a day, and the other breaks down to about $20 a day. Remember that with both paks, you’re having two meals a day provided for you.

"The $10-a-day pak is a super basic, bare-bones system; it still gives you all the products you need to have a great experience. It’s $272 plus $29 for membership for wholesale pricing for the year plus tax and shipping.

“The $20-a-day pak, however, is my highest recommendation. It includes the complete 30-Day System and several other vital components. It comes with a box of delicious IsaDelight® chocolate squares that you can have on Cleanse Days; Whey Thins™, which are a high-protein savory cracker that you can snack on without the guilt; and a canister of Isagenix Greens™, which has phytonutrients from over 30 different kinds of vegetables, herbs, and botanicals and tastes great on its own, or it can be added to your shake. You’ll also get a box of IsaLean™ Bars, which taste better than candy, and a month’s supply of men’s or women’s vitamins, which provide nutritional support in a convenient tear pack. Last but not least, you’ll get a box of e+™ shots, which are energy drinks that give you a focused, sustained boost without the crash†; a beautiful stainless steel blender; a $25 coupon off your next order; free membership, which saves you $29; and two free friends and family coupons that save you $29 each when you help them get started.** This system is called the Value Pak.


So if you really want to do it right and it fits within your budget, this is hands down the best recommendation. It’s $589 for your first 30 days, and then you drop down to a basic system from there. Which sounds like the best fit for you?”

11. Share the Opportunity Immediately

“Curiously, who are some people who for sure would want to do this with you?”


This is your chance to help them visualize the beginnings of their support system and their future team!

If your new Customer expresses interest in earning some money or receptive to this info, this is the perfect time to sketch out You Share, They Share, Repeat™!


See the SCRIPT & video samples here: http://isafyi.com/3-keys-to-growing-your-business/

12.  Ask for the Sale and Replies

Practice asking strong closing questions.

“OK, so would you prefer Peach Mango or Strawberry?”

“Are you open to starting your 30 days today?”

“Do you feel you have enough information to make your purchase?”

If your prospect replies YES, congrats!  You (and your sponsor if you're new) will continue to the Enrolling Step.

If your prospect says "I need to think about it" or "I'd like to talk with my spouse", etc., your best reply is "That's great, do you feel you have enough information to make a decision?  I'll follow this call with an email of the paks and valuable savings for visual.  How about we speak again in 2 days?"


It’s OK if people say “no” when asked if they want to get started now, go quiet with no response or reply “not yet”… continue providing value so that when the time is right for them, they know you’re the best resource to their solutions!

Reply questions if they say "no":

“If promos come up, do you mind if I message you?”

“I’d like to provide some additional information to help you make the best decision in the next few months.  What information would be helpful for you?” 

"I understand now may not be the best time for you. Would it be OK if I touch base at a later time?"

"No problem.  I am wanting to help as many people as possible, who do you know that could use a health or financial solution?"

Notice how this can be easily duplicated by you and your referrals / team members!  This is adding value and assisting others to have their best success.  The next step will be Follow up & Vision Casting.