STEP #2: How to Follow Up 


OK, you have a list of names of people who were curious about what you’re doing and they haven’t joined yet.   What do you do? 


Following up is essential – whether you share as a hobby or as a business.   Following up consistently remains the success factor simply so that your circle of people know you’re the resource to go to WHEN they’re ready.  No’s and non-responses just mean “not yet” or “I don’t have enough information to make a decision”.   Here are guidelines to use to follow up professionally and with your prospects’ best interests always at the forefront.


  • Organize names and notes on what they’ve shared with you, as well as what information you may have shared thus far.  Ideas for organizing:

    • Spreadsheet

    • Paper Notebooks

    • Facebook Friends lists printed in hardcopy (or maintained in excel)

    • CRM program (i.e.

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