STEP #3:


People are joining you!  By using the best practices and flow below, you’ll be able to assist many successfully through the start to their Isagenix lifestyle. 


1. Prepare for enrollments

To ensure you handle customer enrollments with ease for you and them, prepare with these 4 tools:

Print hardcopies of the enrollment form: 

(After you have enrolled a few) Set up your “preferred pak options” in your backoffice account.  They will be accessible in the IsaLife app for customers to review and enroll.

Watch the Isagenix Customer First tutorial HERE

Print hardcopies of the New Member Checklist HERE


2. Advance your status to Associate

Select the button in your Isagenix backoffice account “Associate” and complete the two guided steps.  


Then familiarize yourself with your team and BV accumulation.  Select “Team” tab from the main menu and choose “View Placement Tree”.  Your sponsor or a team leader will guide you on the importance of the numbers shown.

3. Take the order

It is best to complete the order including Credit Card information over the phone or in person, prior to submitting it in the system.  Some people will send majority of the information in an email reply or text/messenger reply (for security, do not send CC information in email).  Gather all the information on the order form.  By inputting the order, you are ensuring the customer is set up successfully!

4. Enroll your prospect with a Wholesale account

The enrollment process is straightforward, following the steps Isagenix outlines on the website.  (Use the tutorial above or in your backoffice for reference. Your sponsor may also assist on the first few.)

  • Initial Pak Order: input the pak (products) and flavors.

  • Autoship Order: create with the exact same product items and flavors as the initial order.  Utilize the Custom Paks in the system, not a new customer Value Pak.  i.e. Weight Loss Value Pak is for a new customer (includes blender, etc.) so when you set up the 1st Autoship order, use Custom 30-day System or Custom Healthy Aging system and add the additional items, for greater savings for your customer.

  • Customer Information:  Use our team guideline for best duplication on the username and password:


Username: firstlastname (all lower case)

Password: Healthy1

  • Autoship Date: change to 29 days.  This sets the customer up to remain active for the team rewards points and eligible for Isabody Challenge and does not “reset” their own personal volume allowing them to accrue all BV points for their own orders.

  • Placement:  Select CHANGE PLACEMENT option.  Select if you are the enrolling sponsor or if you are entering the enrollment for a teammate, enter and confirm their name as the sponsor. 

When you see the options for Bottom Left, Minor volume leg, Bottom Right, or Member Search, if these are your first 2 enrollments (advancing you to CONSULTANT), or you are reactivating your consultant status, ensure you have 1 enrollment/active customer with 100BV or higher on you right and one on your left.  


Select Bottom Right and Bottom Left. If you are already a consultant, you will enroll where you need the most volume to cycle which you can see when you log in to your back office account as well as in your isa pulse app.

DO NOT place on INSIDE legs.

TIP: It is highly recommended to consult your sponsor when enrolling your first 10 customers, assisting you with the best options and helping you optimize the residual income and rank advancement bonuses.  

We set everyone up initially for success, the deepest savings and most customer benefits with a PREFERRED CUSTOMER ON AUTOSHIP account.

5. Send the Welcome Information

Send a welcome text message.


“__________ (name), CONGRATS on taking steps to be a healthier YOU! Please check your email for important info from me to review so you feel prepared for success.  Super simple…

- Watch the podcast in the email

- Print the checklist email

- Print the shake and cleanse day schedules from the NEW CLEANSERS tab on our team website before we have your welcome call.

I’m adding you to our team private FB page to see shake & meal recipes, optimal exercises, cleanse resources and extra support.  Suggest to mark it as a FB “favorite” so it’s easy to reference! LMK when your box arrives.  We will jump on a brief welcome call together!”

Send phone pictures to your customer for reference.

Sample Message:

“And here are photo tools for easy reference on your phone!”

Link to photos on our team website WILL BE ADDED HERE.


Send Welcome Email:

Option 1 Sample Message:

SUBJECT: “Welcome to Isagenix, _______ (insert customer name) - Important info to read before you start”


CC: your sponsor and any other teammates you know. It’s proven that the more people who welcome and encourage customers at the beginning, the less likely customers have buyer’s remorse.


Option 2 Sample Message - 2 concise emails:

SUBJECT: “Welcome to the team! Email 1 of 2 – REVIEW & SAVE”


CC: your sponsor and any other teammates you know. It’s proven that the more people who welcome and encourage customers at the beginning, the less likely customers have buyer’s remorse.


SUBJECT: “Your Checklist! Email 2 of 2 – PRINT”



Add the new customer to our team’s Isagenix Customer FB page (the same one that your sponsor added you at the beginning). This will either be “Isa Inspiration”, “Declare It, Believe It, Achieve It” or  “Believe in You”.  Tag the customer on a comment under the Welcome Message.


Sample welcome comment:

“Team, join me in welcoming ____________ (tagged customer)!  She/he is super excited to reach her/his health goals! ________ (name), don’t forget to mark this group as a favorite so you see the important updates.”


OPTIONAL: If they are interested in learning more about the opportunity, add them to the “Isa Inspiration - Team Leadership” and “Isagenix Business” FB pages. 



Be an effective mentor for customers who have trusted you and made the decision to start their own Isagenix lifestyle.  Your main goal is to communicate and support them setting people us for success!  You do not require to know all the science and product details, and is not a time-consuming role if you follow a few simple steps with everyone.  Isagenix also has unparalleled resources for us to use - articles and information from our team website and the Isagenix websites. 


6. Organize your customer lists and dates


Note each of your customer's Shake Start, Cleanse, and 1st Autoship dates. Add them to a list “New Cleansers” and keep track of their progress (example: iphone reminder, whiteboard, planner, or Excel spreadsheet). It is a great practice to have the prior, current, and upcoming month’s dates listed visibly so you can help guide and remind new customers.


7.  Set up the Welcome Call

When your customer receives their box, you’ve asked them to text and update you on that delivery.  Confirm a day/time to do a 20-30 minute Welcome call via Zoom, Phone or in person.


If you use calendars and apps, the scheduling app can be useful here.


Send a reminder message prior to the Welcome call. 

Sample message:  

"Before we talk, reminder to do a few preparation steps!  1. Take a look at our website, under the new cleanser tab. Print out the shake and cleanse day schedules and watch the 3 short videos.  If you’ve opened the box, also have the square brochure “Say hello to health” handy.  2. Listen to the great recording in the email I sent you.  3. Be near your computer or laptop so we can review a few important items.  These will all help answer a lot of questions you may have and we’ll review success tips on the call!”



8. Doing the Welcome Call with your customer  

If you’re new, your sponsor will be on the welcome call with you for the first few customers.


Advise your new customer to be on the computer on the New Cleanser Tab on this website during your call and to have the Shake and Cleanse schedules printed to make notes.  Quickly review your tips for a successful shake day.  (You will do a cleanse day review call with them before their first official cleanse not review this on this first welcome call).  Review any schedule questions they may have.


Review the SAY HELLO TO HEALTH brochure 30 day calendar options.  Review what their first week will look like and how to map out their 30 days.  Determine their first cleanse day and set up Cleanse Coaching call during this call.


Remind them to set up the IsaLife app, noting the differences between the app and their full account on the website.


Next, have them log on to their back office account.  You will walk the new customer through their back office. Easy script:

“Go to  Log in with your temporary login and I suggest keeping this login for the first month so I can assist as needed.”


“Click on "My Account" in the top right.  Please review and edit any of your information here.”


“Go to the "Contest and Promotions" tab next. Scroll until you see the Isa Body Challenge. It is a free contest to enter and is a 16 week challenge with a lot of support and accountability.  Make sure you time stamp your pics and don’t submit a “selfie”.  This is a contest that is free to enter with prizes up to $25,000 and a cruise! Everyone who completes the contest earns a minimum of $200 worth of free product and a chance to win a ticket to go on the cruise. Those who commit to this challenge have greater longterm results and feel more motivated to achieve their goals.  It only takes 2 minutes to upload your Timestamped photos and activate it.”


“Now, we’ll select "Orders" and view the option for Manage Autoship. This is information for your next shipment.  Don’t make any changes to this until we chat during Week 3.  We’ll reevaluate where you are and make modifications as necessary. Your primary focus is YOU and your health right now!  Once you’ve given the products a trial, you’ll know more.” 


**If you get any push back about the cost or short-term 30 day goal only, reply “That’s OK, remember why you want to do this ____________ (insert goals).  And during the 3rd week, we’ll review all of your options based on how you feel and what you like.  At least this way you’re set up for the most savings and customer benefits should you wish to continue!”


“Next, notice “Place Order’ to use if you don’t want to wait 29-30 days to order additional products or you want to order any Seasonal items they release.”




WAIT for their reply. 


“It’s great to have accountability partners to help you achieve your goals and even better, you can help them get healthier too!  Remember it’s not just about weight can help your parents with healthy aging, friends who love to work out with performance and tired moms with energy!  This may be a personal journey for you, I understand, but also know that this may be just the solution someone is hoping for right now! 

You also have the customer benefit of getting your products paid for or earning extra income - Isagenix pays you back for helping others.”


“My family and I have been so blessed with the extra income that started to come in just by sharing this solution with those we know and it created extra breathing room financially for us each week.”


Three options for referrals: 

"As you begin to reach your goals people will notice and they'll want to learn more about the Isagenix solutions.  You have 3 options on how you'd like to handle referrals:

  1. Pass the contact directly to me: I would be happy to take the referral and appreciate the opportunity to share the solutions with them, but only I benefit from this.

  2. Learn how to get your products paid for: If you are not quite sure you’re interested in building a business with Isagenix, I would be more than happy to show you how your referrals can pay for the products you buy for your personal use.  Who wouldn’t want to EAT FOR FREE?! Take a look at this short and simple video to learn more. 

  3. I’m obligated to share with you how Isagenix can help you create a little bit of breathing room for your family financially!  What would an extra $500 a month do for you and your family? I watched one of my best friends earn 6 figures with Isagenix within her first 2 years and I knew I could do the same.  I can show you how to share Isagenix with your referrals so that you can  begin to build a secondary residual income too...all in the pockets of your spare time.   


“Where do you see yourself when people ask you what you’re doing and want to learn more?”


WAIT for their reply.


Send them “You Share, They Share, Repeat Video”  CLICK HERE or send through the paid app Isa Sales Tools.



9. Cleanse Coaching call approximately 5-8 days after 1st shake day

Confirm based on how your customer is doing with shake days when they will do their 1st cleanse day.  If they opt not to do a full deep cleanse day, that’s OK too, still do a progress call with them.


This is an important call - they are now feeling the amazing benefits but still remember how they felt before getting started.  It’s a great idea to have another coach on this call if possible as a 3 way call to get them excited about how they are feeling and to present the opportunity for them to share.  

Be excited and encourage them to find three friends to feel this amazing with them!  



“Let’s review the cleanse schedule on our website, and I’ll provide you with a few success tips. Have you set up your cleanse day checklist in the IsaLife App yet?”


Review schedule, add notes on:  extra water, e+ in the afternoon, getting extra rest, how to break a cleanse if they must, and adding reminders to their calendar or phone. 


“I’m so excited for you and the progress your feeling/ having in just a short time!  Just imagine what’s to come!  And can you imagine if a few of friends felt amazing with you, rather than waiting until you’ve already had great success?  Let’s consider who in your life would appreciate knowing about these unparalleled solutions!”


Allow them to discuss names or reply.


Ask the Magic Question: "Susan, what’s the one bill you have each month that causes you the most stress? Imagine if over the next several months, we could get you enough income through Isagenix to cover that bill each month, how would that feel?"


If they are willing to share a post, “Wonderful, I’ll send you a sample post following our call! When people comment, just message them introducing me and I’ll help you from there.”



10. Text messaging and Reminders

Daily notes of encouragement are key the first week of your customer’s lifestyle change.



“How are you feeling today?”


“Reminder to drink lots of water and get extra sleep if possible.  Your body is shifting and detoxing and will appreciate it!”


“Sending support your way!  What are you liking best about the products and schedule so far?”


“Don’t forget, we can help you earn back most of your initial investment.  Who’s been curious about the nutrition so far?”


Encourage your customers to look up information they need on the Health websites (see Tools).




Next Step:  Autoship & Retention (coming soon)

If you have questions about Isagenix or want to get started please get in touch with the person who shared this with you.

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