Autoship offers many additional customer benefits and ease!  Autoship with Isagenix is unparalleled and is a key factor in feeling and seeing results of the nutrition as well as receiving residual income for customers.  Reviewing benefits before the first Autoship order for all new customers is an opportunity for you to educate and assist new customers in continuing to reach their goals and maximizing on their account benefits.  Follow the steps below and share with your teams.



To ensure you maximize your savings and rewards AND guide your customers to know what’s available to them, truly understand what the Autoship Program with Isagenix includes and why it’s different than traditional delivery programs people may assume won’t reward them.

Review (and share with your customers) the Isagenix easy to read benefits on Autoship HERE

We set everyone up initially for success, the deepest savings and most customer benefits with a PREFERRED CUSTOMER ON AUTOSHIP account.


On your Welcome call, schedule the Autoship call/Zoom chat for 3 weeks later.   Assure your customer that you'll be assisting with the autoship review so they focus on using the products and seeing results!

Sample message:

"This is your opportunity to focus on your HEALTH goals these first few weeks!  Once you’ve experienced a shift and have the opportunity to utilize the products, you’ll have a better idea of what you’d like to continue using.  We’ll review your account and progress together approx. a week before anything ships!"


If you were unable to confirm a time on the Welcome call, reach out one (1) week before your new customer’s autoship date, and set up a call (or Zoom).


It’s important to always review the Autoship on a call or in person… DO NOT review the Autoship through a text message chain.

Send a message or text the 3rd week of their journey either confirming the date you agreed upon or setting up the call. 

Sample messages:

"Hi, Sue. I'm confirming (INSERT SCHEDULED CALL DATE/TIME) is still the best time to review your Isagenix account benefits and next shipment.  Reminder to jot down your inventory and have your computer handy!”


"Hi, Sue. Your next order for Isagenix will ship next week, and it's my responsibility to guide you on a few important items! We'll review your account benefits, and I'll help you determine the best products and savings to continue to achieve and maintain your goals!  Please have your computer and jot down your inventory too.  When is a good time for you to talk before (INSERT AUTOSHIP DATE)?”​

Once date/time confirmed, send a calendar invite – this helps to remind them that you’ll be assisting him/her before any order is shipped.    Apps like will assist with scheduling efficiently!

Tip on handling objections: If you receive any objection from the customer saying they are good and don’t need a call, reply: “It’s best for us to jump on a quick call so I can help you achieve your goals and the maximum savings. It's my obligation to at least provide you with the information for you to make the best decisions going forward.  There are many options, and I’ll guide you quickly and clearly to save you time.”

4. ON THE AUTOSHIP CALL (approximately 4-7 days prior to your customer’s next shipment date)

​Open the call by CONGRATULATING them! Then confirm they’re in front of their computer.

Review their initial goals and their progress so far. Some great questions are:

  • How are you feeling?

  • Based on your initial goal (repeat goals from beginning), what changes have you noticed?

  • What do you like best about the program so far?

  • What products and flavors do you enjoy?

  • Do you have any specific challenges you’d like to review?

  • What goals would you like to achieve over the next 30-60 days? (remember, a sustainable habit is developed over 90 days)

  • Why are (repeat updated goals) important to you right now?

Tip: these questions assist you in qualifying your customer's commitment level and addressing their expectations. 

Continue with script:

"To help you continue to achieve your goals and maintain them, I recommend continuing with another 30 day system, and by ordering a pak, you’ll receive bundled additional savings on the products in addition to the base 25% wholesale discount. Let’s go through your current Autoship order – you may wish to update flavors or add snacks or other products." 

“Could you now log in to your account on your computer?  The website has full account visibility but going forward you can also edit orders on the IsaLife App, and I’ll guide you on a few important items… 

(once logged in)

“Select ‘Manage Autoship’, so we can make any edits to the cart, address or billing information.” 

**Explain the value of staying over 100BV as a qualifying order to maintain benefits (125 BV keeps them eligible for Isabody). 

“As I mentioned, a pak or system is a ‘bundle’ and will provide you the best results continuing your momentum, and systems save you more money than ordering a la carte on your Isagenix groceries.  Since you’re planning for approx. 35-40 days of supplies from today, you don’t want to run out!  As you’ve seen, the products work together synergistically providing different benefits for the body… the core products remain the IsaLean or IsaLeanPRO shakes, the Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme, and the Vitamins since everyone has some vitamin deficiencies.  Let’s make the flavor adjustments needed…”

“OK, now that we’ve updated the products, notice these few important columns:

- The SAVINGS total is $          . (insert applicable amount)  That’s awesome!

- See the column next to Savings, where it says “Total BV”? This is our point system for reward points. Each product has a point value associated with it, and Isagenix not only adds team points to your account they also count your orders for more reward points for you as you order each month! By staying active at 100BV or more every 29 days, you accumulate more points so that when you do share with someone who wants to give this a try, you get a bigger cash bonus back in your pocket. If you go under 100BV, you lose all the points you’ve accumulated thus far. Ordering more than 100BV and 125BV keeps you active for Isabody challenge - is very easy to do when you love the products and how you feel, plus you’re saving so much on awesome groceries! There are also lots of snack options, coffee, vitamins and energy drinks to check out if you're looking to reach your minimum of 100BV and keep your rewards points!” 

- Let’s add any coupons you may have too!  Click ‘VIEW COUPONS’ and we'll apply additional savings if possible."

"OK, now that all changes are done, the page will automatically save your changes. And the box will ship on the ____(autoship date).”

(Next, point out Contests and My Customers/My Team)

“Just two more short steps… click on CONTESTS.  Let’s check your Isabody personal challenge… to START or NOTE END DATE for Isabody – remember you’re one step closer to receiving a minimum of $200 worth of FREE product upon completion, or up to $25,000 if you rock your challenge!  Also note the double PIB – this means for every two or more referrals in one week, Isagenix generously doubles every bonus to the customer referring!”

“Have others been noticing your products or congratulating you so far?”

“Click on ‘My Customers’ tab (for Associates, ‘My Team’) and I’ll show you how amazing the Isagenix customer rewards program starts to work for you.  See how the team rewards points are accruing as well as the points from your previous order(s)!   These points are like your ‘Isa Bank’ and will continue to accrue as long as you’re an active customer ordering the base 100 BV each month.  Talk about customer loyalty!  These points have cash value… and with your first two referrals, you reach PAID status.  That means you would receive cash for the referral bonus plus cash on the rewards points!”

Tip: If team volume is visible on their account, tally the potential cash value they could earn at this time.  This helps people to better understand and see the possibility!  

If your customer is interested in earning cash, guide them to click the purple button "Associate" and follow the two steps.



Option 1: they are already Associate and sending referrals, review additional prospects and guide them to the Path to Executive.  Remind them of their Crystal Dates (shown in their backoffice account).

Option 2: if they are still unsure about sharing, ask the 3 referral options they have to help to further reduce the amount of their order each month... 

Closing the call with a VISION and MAGIC QUESTIONS...


Provide a vision to your customer:

"Susan, what’s the one bill you have each month that causes you the most stress? Imagine if over the next several months, we could get you enough cash through Isagenix to cover that bill each month.  How would that make you feel?"


Wait for their response.


“As you continue to reach your goals, people will notice, and they’ll want to learn more about the solutions. It's my obligation to share this amazing opportunity available to all customers and has really made a difference for us!"


"You have three options on how you’d like to handle referrals:

Option 1: Pass the contact directly to me: I would be happy to take the referral and appreciate the opportunity to share the solutions with them, but only I benefit from this.

Option 2: Learn how to get your products paid for: If you are not quite sure you’re interested in building a business with Isagenix, I would be more than happy to show you how your referrals can pay for the products you buy for your personal use.  Who wouldn’t want to EAT FOR FREE?!

Option 3: Learn how Isagenix can help you create a little bit of breathing room for your family financially!  I can show you how to share Isagenix with your referrals so that you can begin to build a secondary residual income."​

"Which referral option works best for you?" 

Wait for their response.

"That's great. It’s OK and actually better not to know too much detail!  Remember, most people are noticing and asking because they’re impressed you made a change and are simply wondering if they can too!  Share just one favorite part so far and ask your curious friend/family member what their health goals are right now."

Close by asking: "Curiously, who are some people who would for sure do this with you?" 

(Allow them to give you an answer.)

Congratulate your customer on all of their progress so far! If they're feeling challenged, remind them of their reasons for doing this and point out the positive highlights.

Review any ACTION items you discussed during the call.  Send everyone with additional encouragement to move into their 2nd month!

OPTIONAL: If they are interested in learning more about the opportunity, add them to the “Isa Inspiration - Team Leadership” and “Isagenix Business” FB pages. 


There is a lot of up-front information and for most people, changing their lifestyle is a personal and sometimes not easy task.  Autoship not only helps customers stay on track with their goals, it helps them SAVE $ on their monthly groceries, STAY ELIGIBLE for team rewards growth, cash back, and Isabody challenge eligibility (125 BV per month).  Autoship is also the lifeblood of the passive income!


Send a brief text reminder a few days prior reminding them of their benefits and goals!


Offer to review their autoship edits to ensure they receive maximum savings.




We are inspiring and coaching by providing some key reminders along their journey!  Best practices include checking in twice a month with customers, offering goal –review calls, and sending important updates.  Retention is higher when customers:  SEE/ FEEL RESULTS, GET PAID, and STAY ENGAGED.

IsaFYI articles are great tools to keep your customers in the loop.

IsaSales Tools App (paid subscription) also provides videos, PDFs and more.

​Sample messages:

  • Check in the following week regarding receiving their order and EXCITEMENT as they enter their 2nd month!

  • Text CONGRATULATE them when they register for Isabody challenge!  (Use IsaPulse app to monitor these.)

  • Text reminder if they don't sign up for Isabody challenge!  (Isabody Registration is a report in your backoffice.)

  • Weekly, run Team Stats reports to see Autoship dates and BV.   If you notice that someone orders below 100 BV, send a friendly reminder of the benefits they'll be losing and help educate.  If someone pushes their Autoship date past 29 days, send a similar reminder. 

(They may choose to lose the benefits or banked volume, but at least you've given them the information and alerted them proactively!)



  • Get your customers paid!

  • Isabody challenges / complete and start another one

  • Successful health goals and cleansing

  • Encouraging attendance at Isagenix and local events – invite customers to learn more about the science, products and be a part of the community!

Next Step:  Tools & Training (coming soon)

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