Tools: Virtual Parties

This group online party is a genius way to connect lots of prospects in a short amount of time and help educate, inspire and guide them to signing up for their starter paks!  The key is that this is a team effort!
Schedule a Date / Time
  • Select a date, keeping in mind promoting special team challenges, promotions, post-holiday, pre-spring, pre-summer, pre-school, etc.   
  • Select a time that allows for team members and prospects to be involved.  This typically is either lunchtime or evening time.
  • Choose a THEME or Title that helps promote!


Assign Team Members to specific posts to show a well-rounded host of resources, using the Timeline here


Guide for the party Timeline:
TIP: Use the # numbers in front of each post and encourage your prospects to refresh their FB while viewing.



Set up the Virtual Party on FaceBook
Create the event with current date/time/theme and image, as a Private Event, and use the description from previous events or create your own.
4. Invite Prospects
Invite team members first.  Then you and your team members can send invitations to prospects. ALWAYS ask your prospects first!  
"Hi _________ (name)!  We're hosting a private party on FB tomorrow night where you can easily learn about our amazing solution from the comfort of your couch or anywhere!  Are you open to me sending you the invite?"
5. Follow up with your Prospects post - party
Be sure to message directly with each of the prospects you invited.  Ask "what did you like best about the information provided tonight?"
If they attended, they may have questions, or are ready to sign up in some cases.
If they did not attend, either encourage them to view the information in the FB event and follow up in a few days.  Or send them a video as an educational tool.


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